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L-R double candy chocmint necklace - £8
Hello Kitty I love you necklace - £4
Sax Fluffy Chocomint 2way clip - £5
Blue and Pink Chocomint star ring - £4
Bear head brooch - £1.50
... Bear body Brooch - £1.50
Ice cream necklace - £4
Eiffel Tower necklace - £3
BTSSB socks - £10

So here's the thing...

So, after some time mulling it over in my head and I've decided. As you may have noticed, I don't post to my journal often, this is because I have been spending time on my blog.
Yup, I have me a blog. 
Think I'll do most of my posting there as its real simple to use and super easy to customise.  At the moment I have the grand total of ZERO followers.  The main reason I think is because I have never told anyone that I have a blog.  I've a few posts now, so I think its time to share.
Please let me know what you think


Stuff for Sale

My Custom DS case

So plus side of moving home, I get to spend more time with my younger bro.  The other week he "lost" his DS and wanted to play the new Kingdom Hearts (which is rather good by the way) - so naturally instead of having a proper look, he juist went out and bought one.  I was like "when your old one turns up its mine" and he agreed thinking it was lost forever...oh Craig - how wrong you are.  So now I have me a nice shiny black DS, and I thought - well I need me a case for this bad boy.  I asked sweet and tiny - UK based etsy shop which does adorable deco if she would do something custom.  My terms, PINK and BLACK

What do you think??

Favourite Fabric websites

So having checked memories of places to get great fabric and only finding either mood or things based in the USA I took matters into my own hands and spent a while on google.  Here are two sites that I'm really excited about.


This one has the most amazing range and I'm thinking some of the stuff they have would mahe a really good border against the block main colour

I'm thinking something Innocent world inspired could be on the cards with this does of lushness

this site also rocks, but not entirely sure how to order just yet - the simplicity of paypal has dulled my senses!


They have lots of gingham and even more floral. 
If you have a look on their cotton/poly tab they have the most amazing prints, including lots of cupcakes...lush!! When I figure it out - its on like Donkey Kong


Sweet Sweet OP

So I had this fabric knocking around for ages and couldn't think what to do with it.  I eventually plucked up the courage to make an OP.  I was so scared of the sleeves, but I found them not too bad at all.  What do you think.  Its not 100% done yet, still need to make a headbow, and then make matching cuffs for this

its so so sweet, maybe i will wear this for meets and stuff

Finished gingham cute I hope

So here are pics of the gingham JSk I keep bleating on about, I'm so shocked with how it came out, I'm posting late, but I thought it wouldn't take me long to do the bow, and ribbon and headbow, and then take pics, silly me

what do you think?

bodice detail

that bow took me so long, why of why!!!

skirt bit next

Head bow

and whole bit

Right I'm off to sleep now!

So at last this is my latest creation

Yup, so its been done for a while but I've not been able to post - silly internet allowance!

anywho here it is, and its shirred at the back too, thats totally the way to go in the future!  Much easier to do than a zip, and looks better too!  The bodice is erm, "inspirsed" from the designer on Sweet Rococo.  I saw it and was like, I want it!!

My feedback

Hullo, here is my feedback

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